Awareness campaign Green PKE

Project description:

The Partium University requested an awareness campaign designed to show two main values: the University's concern for the individual and for the community and the University's concern for the future, for development, for harmonizing its own values ​​with the universal ones.

In our campaign, University volunteers plant trees. The university thus helps the community in general. In particular, the University grants a scholarship to a student with merits and low income if community members also get involved in this campaign (planting trees or donating a sum of money for volunteers to plant trees on their behalf). The involvement of community members in the University's actions would lead to a closer link between the University and the community it is part of. The university works together with the community to get positive effects. By operating this mechanism, we achieve two goals: we have a positive image in public perception, we are increasing the chances of Partium Christian University to become a viable option to continue studying.

We have proposed to the client a shared campaign in three distinct stages that naturally occur from each other and which finally form a unitary image.

Step 1: Partium Christian University is careful, "thinks" in the long run, preoccupies, becomes aware of environmental issues, conveys messages and draws attention to the issues in the community it is part of. Message: We are attentive to the future.

Step 2: Partium Christian University has a pro-active attitude: it is not enough just to look at and draw attention to problems: it proposes solutions and even implements them, is active, works, engages in shaping the future. Message: We work for the future.

Step 3: Partium Christian University works on an applied case, helps, has direct beneficiaries of its actions (the beneficiary of the scholarship, the beneficiaries of the planters). Its actions have a purpose and a practical purpose, have measurable results. Message: We create your future.


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