We hope you don't mind if we're being honest with you from the very begining: WOAO it’s not all about the client; it’s all about the client and us. It’s about delievering the best possible outcome while working hard and feeling happy and proud about the entire process. It’s about the creative thinking that enhances businesses, sustains brands and makes people happy. Us included.

We don’t own luxurious office spaces in a huge building and we’re not hiring tens of people with fancy job names. We are a small size creative agency with a handful of people having the same mindset, sharing common values in an open space office by the river, close to a bunch of small coffee shops in the city center of our hometown. “Small in numbers, flexible in aproach and quick in reaction” is what we would like to say if somebody asks about it (nobody did so far). What we lack in quantity, we make out in quality: if your project exceeds our current capabilities, we “know people that know people” so rest assured, we never failed or missed a deadline so far (finger crossed).

We like open business relantionships (as we do feel the constant need to see other clients), we’re honest and funny (except on Mondays) and we have almost a century of experience lying around the office at any given moment. Hence our firm belief that life is too short for managing projects we don’t believe in and that’s what keeps us happy, creative and motivated.

That beeing said, if you (still) want to give us a challenge and you feel like we might have the right chemistry going on, drop us a line in the contact section or just pick up the phone and come by the office for a chat and a reasonably good cup of coffee.


  • Flavius Bunoiu
    Flavius Bunoiu

    A little bit of everything: self thaught, passionate about advertising, public relations and cultural management. Two decades of experience (and counting) in mass media (print, online, radio & tv stations) and event management.