Making of "Patches" - cover design

Project description:

The cover story of this edition of Business news Magazine featured a story about the deficiencies of public works executed in Oradea. We designed the cover into a more "innovative" way in order to draw attention to the works carried out without the necessary care by those responsible.

We printed the cover of all the issue with a simple design: a crack in a concrete slab. Separately, we printed 2 000 stickers imitating a medicinal patch. We cut and placed the 2 000 patches on the cover of the magazine, sticking the patches in different forms and shapes until each cover of the Business News magazine was uniquely decorated by hand. And to draw further attention to deficiencies of the works, we went in Union Square to address symbolically the problems, with the same patches applied on the cover of the magazine. Symbolically, we repaired a crack. The fact that we decorated, by hand, the 1 000 covers of the magazine means that any work quality can not be achieved without care and without effort. And Business News was willing to go through that "extra mile”.


Business News