Project description:

The ARED promotion campaigns used mainly technical arguments in order to form the decision to buy. But all the studies in the field show that in most cases the decision to buy is emotional: we buy because we want, because we can, because we like it, because we want to prove something, we buy for the way the thing we buy makes us feel. We proposed to improve the ARED promotion by designing a campaign to maintain the technical argumentation but to supplement the message by adding the emotional element by identifying the brand with the values ​​of art. Art is the deepest expression of human creativity, and denotes any activity based on knowledge, exercise, perception, imagination, intuition, knowledge, and aesthetics. From the many features of art (notions through which art can be defined, appreciated, evaluated) we have chosen the most important 5 notions that can be transposed (honest and realistic) to the ARED brand: attention to details, value, aesthetics, imagination.