26 April, 2018

Twice a year, Behance presents the Portfolio Week, a series of unprecedented events organized by volunteers. These events have spread throughout the world, in hundreds of cities, to bring together creative professionals. This is the 4th edition in Oradea, Romania.

How does the event take place?
On 27 october 2017, at 18.00, we will meet you at Bodega, in Oradea, Arany Janos Street, no. 7 to drink a cold beer and talk about creativity and creativity.

The event lasts 60-90 minutes, possibly more, depending on the number of participants we will have. Each participant will have a few minutes to present his / her portfolio and to get feedback on the presented ones. Discussions and feedback will be provided by our experienced guests. You can present your portfolio on the screen provided or you can sit at a comfortable table with your laptop in your arms. You can participate, free of charge, even if you do not want to present your portfolio and just want to see what the other guests have prepared. Whatever the variation, please contact us at office@woao.ro so that we know in advance how many guests we will have and prepare accordingly.
After party with DJ Vick, powered by Bodega.

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Dan Frînculescu, Executive Creative Director, Publicis Romania.
Bogdan Albulescu, Founder / Art Director, The 4th Floor.
Ercsei Zsolt, UI / UX designer, QUBIZ.
Nemeth Laszlo, Art Director, WOAO Advertising.

What do I have to bring?
If you want to attend this event, you have to bring your portfolio or just the special case where you have worked nights and days, for which you have done everything possible to create something truly representative of you or your creative vision. Either on a USB stick or bring your own laptop.

Who am I contacting for more information?
The event is organized by WOAO Advertising in partnership with Behance for the creative local community. You can contact us at office@woao.ro

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Sponsored by:
Qubiz, Eightonesix, Vinurile Corcova Roy & Damboviceanu, Meatic, Bodega, Alfa Dekor, Universitatea Crestina Partium, Skin Novels, Treira, Top Press, Cultura in Miscare.

The winner of this edition of Behance Portfolio Reviews:
Kolcsar Zsolt
Cobe Alexandru
Laura Dumbravescu
Dudas Naomi
Balogh Gyongyi